What is Occupational Health?

Occupational health is a medical specialty that deals with health problems that arise at work. This includes medical problems related to the type of job you perform as well as accidental injuries that can occur in the workplace.

Urgent care and occupational health clinics offer patients a way to receive the urgent treatment they need for their workplace-related medical problems in a timely and convenient way. It also offers employers a way to ensure the continuing good health of their staff and provide team members with immediate medical treatment when they need it. Individuals who choose occupational health services from Convenient Urgent Care will:

  • Bypass long emergency room waits
  • Avoid high co-pays and fees
  • Be treated by physicians who specialize in workplace health issues
  • Receive top-quality ongoing care from a medical team with whom they are familiar – not a stranger in the ER

Occupational Health Services

Occupational health spans a wide range of medical problems. Our team offers comprehensive treatments and medical services for most any workplace-related health problem in one place and with little waiting time.

Convenient Urgent Care also offers comprehensive workplace injury case work, and our team is well-versed in Worker’s Compensation laws. We offer both employers and individuals who use our services assistance with case management and evaluation to make the process of seeking treatment or providing treatment for employees simple and straightforward.

  • Major and minor bodily injuries. Sprains, strains, cuts and skin wounds, broken bones (fractures), concussions, and other injuries that would normally require a visit to the emergency room can be treated at Convenient Urgent Care.
  • Drug testing. Convenient Urgent Care offers comprehensive drug testing to help employers operate a substance-free workplace.
  • Employment physicals. Regular physical exams help employees stay aware of their health and take responsibility for their medical care, as well as improve staff morale. Physicals also help improve productivity, reduce sick days, and save money by catching health problems before they develop into serious medical conditions.
  • Hearing and vision problems. Exposure to chemical substances and mechanical equipment can cause long-term or short-term hearing and vision problems. We offer initial plus ongoing treatment for a wide range of sight and hearing afflictions.
  • Repetitive motion disorders. These conditions arise from performing the same task repeatedly throughout the day, such as how typing or operating equipment can cause carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis. Sitting at a desk with poor posture can also lead to back and neck problems.
  • Illness caused by exposure. Being exposed to harmful substances in the workplace – such as chemicals, bio-hazardous materials, viruses and bacteria (including in healthcare facilities), and other unsafe substances can cause long-term health issues and should be treated by a specialist.
  • Motor vehicle accidents. This includes all kinds of injuries from driving a car, truck, farm equipment, or other machinery.

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